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chaotic & kind

you should have walked out of there

(we're in a city at war)
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ricuh - Indonesian; chaotic & messy

You've just stumbled upon Sarah's (rain_streaked's) writing journal. :D

All older fics have been archived here. Find them through the directory, or through the tag system.

NC-17 fics are locked to the community. I'm sorry, but I'd like to play it safe. :) (Also, there's only like, ONE. So you're not missing out.)

Note: I will be trying hard to be an active replier to comments, but I will warn people in advance that most of them will be incoherent "saljfoasi thank you omg thank you" with a liberal dose of ♥s. :D;

Current significant other: TVXQ
On-and-off again affairs: The King and The Clown, Naruto, Super Junior, original
Checking out: Antique, Big Bang
Ex-boyfriends: Loveless, Yuugiou, Final Fantasy VII, Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE, Prince of Tennis
One night stands: Nobuta wo Produce, Hana Yori Dango, xxxHolic, Harry Potter, Futari Yuugi (one-shot manga by Itsuki Kaname-sensei), Kingdom Hearts
That one time I went to a party and woke up the next morning in bed with someone I ordinarily despise: Teletubbies

Comments appreciated. Feel free to point out any mistakes I may have made. I hope you enjoy your stay! ♥